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We develop high quality products from Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry and Gadgets. Our products reflect the  cultures and landscapes of the diverse world that we live in.

Humble BeginningsIdentical twins Rory and Troy Coppock grew up in Selkirk, Mb. Canada. In middle school they had their own independent lawn care and snow removal business for 3 years, then moving on to becoming the top telemarketers in a firm of over 500 employees for Telespectrum in Winnipeg. After telemarketing they both spent 5 years excelling in reforestation for Dorsey Contracting in Kenora, Ontario. Rory and Troy were top tree planters for their initial 2 years, then both went on to foreman and then manage the entire camp for their last season in 2002.

In 2003, Rory and Troy Coppock created Twin Tiger World Markets ltd. and began importing clothes and jewelry from Southeast Asia. After a successful five years in the import business they moved to California to expand the US market and distribution channel and started Twin Tiger USA. 

Since 2008, Twin Tiger USA has spawned five successful clothing brands - Twin Palm, Dangered!, Portec Outdoor Gear, Nikita Sing and Boobies Rule!!! The latest brand - Boobies Rule!!! has donated over 100, 000 dollars to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization.

Their brands have been sold in an estimated 10,000 stores, including popular chains Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Zumiez, Journeys, Dillards, Rue 21, Hot Topic and Winners to name a few.

Over the last couple years Twin Tiger USA has diversified there business strategy. Through the popularity of the Boobies Rule!!! trend brought them in to the impulse, grocery, drug and convenience store business.

Twin Tiger USA is now doing direct business with large convenience store distributors and Fortune 500 discount retailers such as Big Lots, Dollar General and Family Dollar. Dollar General now has over 11,000 stores, Family Dollar over 8000 stores and Big Lots over 1600 stores.